Losing Weight is Easy

For sure it’s very easy to lose weight safely if you really aim to do so. It’s not a free pass to eat anything you feel like whenever you feel like it however, so don’t get too excited! Instead it’s about learning about the process of hunger and using this knowledge to change your eating habits. That way you’ll no longer gain weight because you won’t eat un-necessary food, and you will start to lose some of the extra pounds gained in the past.

To master the art of controlling your eating habits, its important to learn how to interpret your body’s hunger signals. People struggling to lose weight should still eat of course, but only according to the needs of the body.

When individuals are asked the question why do you eat? There emerge three types of eaters. Identify which category you fall into and you can address your weight problems much easier from there.

You eat when:

you’re hungry

If you are, then good for you. However, you should also be able to recognize the signs of satisfaction that your body sends. Knowing when to eat and then when to stop is a key to developing healthy eating habits and subsequently, weight loss. Even if you don’t have any limit to the type of foods you eat, as long as you just take in enough food that the body can burn, there’s no reason why you should keep on packing the pounds. Add a few minutes of exercise into your daily routine and watch the pounds go away.

You feel like eating

You’re in the group most likely to gain weight without trying, not lose it! Food should be enjoyed but if you eat for the sake of eating, and not because your body needs the energy, then you are putting extra food into your system that will eventually turn into fat. This in turn will show up on the scales. Eating when you feel like is the worst of all possible eating habits because your body isn’t telling you that you’re hungry and therefore it doesn’t need the food. Reasons for mood, or emotional eating, are usually related to stress, boredom, loneliness but can also be linked to positive emotions such as happiness.

You have an eating plan that tells you to eat

Some individuals are on the perennial diet. And while one may be able to maintain the ideal weight using that strategy, being constantly on a diet doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who fall under this category may constantly feel deprived. And even if he is eating the right foods, there is little enjoyment to it. What’s worse is that he may feel the need to stay away from social gatherings with family and friends to avoid the temptation of foods that are forbidden. Weight loss shouldn’t come at such expense.

If you recognize your eating habits in type 2 or 3, you need to try and change your pattern of eating so that it more closely resembles type 1. Learn how to identify a real hunger pang from a craving of boredom. Train yourself to know when your body has had its hunger satisfied, and discipline yourself to stop eating then rather than continue just because you like what you’re eating! Once you know the start and stop limitations of eating, you’ll find that you can lose pounds without needing to diet.

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