Best Massage for Athletes

Regular massage is considered as one of the necessary element of an athlete’s kit to keep pace with the injuries in the field. A good massage helps to boost up the performance of the athlete and shorten recovery time, so they don’t miss much in the field. Injury prevention is imperative for athletes, for this massage therapy can be considered as the best rehabilitation technique. Massage therapy improves the overall performance of the athletes by preventing injury and reducing pain.

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It induces two types of responses i.e. a mechanical response and reflex response. Mechanical response is the response that occurs as a result of pressure and movement whereas reflex response is the response that is generated by the stimulation of nerves and provides a boost in the stamina of the athlete. It is advisable for athletes not to delay their massage sessions as the muscle injuries can become a permanent problem for them that can be a huge threat for their bright career. It is a scientific fact that human body has an absolute limit to bear stress and weight. Once the safe limit is crossed, special attention and massage therapy are required to keep the body in proper shape.

Preferable massage therapy type for athletes

The three basic massage techniques i.e. sports massage, Swedish massage and trigger point therapy are preferable for athletes each one of which will be discussed below briefly:

Sports massage

As the name indicates, the massage is geared towards athletes to increase their physical activity. The massage therapy is primarily concerned and targeted to the soft tissue injuries. Sports massage prepares the body of the athletes to improve performance and prevent and treat injuries. The principle of sports massage is based on when to schedule a massage. A pre-work out massage is used to warm up the muscles to prepare the body for vigorous exercise whereas the post-work out massage works by increasing flexibility and reducing the soreness caused by exercise. The sports massage revitalizes the body by warming up and stretching out the muscles making them spasm free.

Trigger point massage therapy

Trigger point therapy is highly recommendable for athletes as it is considered best to treat sprains and injuries incurred during playing. The massage acts on muscle knots and muscle tissues that are believed to be injured. It relieves the strain by loosening the muscles through the application of high-intensity pressure.

Swedish massage:

This type of massage is recommended for runners. It fulfills the purpose of strengthening and relaxation of muscles. Long strokes of varying pressure are applied to increase the blood flow and release the strain from muscles. A Swedish massage work wonders by reenergizing and relaxing the body of the athlete

The frequency of massage:

The level of muscle stress and fatigue determines how often an athlete should opt for massage therapy. Other than pre and post workout massage the athlete can always use massage therapy to attain the relaxation of body and mind. This would enable them to keep pace with the competitive sports environment.

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