Why should 500mg CBD Tincture be used?

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CBD has been used as a calming agent for decades. CBD also comes in multiple forms and each promising to work better than the last. These forms are capsules, oils, lotions, and seltzers. Tinctures are another form and is something of a mystery. CBD is a cannabis plant that has multiple chemicals in it. the most common one that people know is THC. CBD has anti-inflammatory, anti-seizure, anxiety relieving and analgesic means about it. CBD and THC are different, and one buffers the other. CBD does not give you the high that THC does. Tinctures is a mixture of alcohol and water to extract the herbal portion of the plant. There are other items that can be used instead of alcohol and they are glycerin, vinegar or oil but they are not as effective as the alcohol ones. Tincture has a long shelf life and are absorbed fast and easy because you just put so many drops under your tongue. You control the dosage by how many drops you use.

There are four things that need to be considered when looking for you dosage on CBD Tincture.

  • Concentration
  • body weight
  • desired effects
  • tolerance

When looking at concentration or the strength of your CBD Tincture, you must realize just because the bottle says a certain mg, it is different than the dose that you will get. A bottle of 500 mg CBD Tincture, would have a different dosage then a 1500mg bottle. You have to know how much you would need from which ever bottle you had. Your body weight affects the dosage size that you need. If you are a smaller person, then you would feel the calming effect before a bigger person would. The desired effects that a person wants really depends on how much pain they have or how clam they want or need to be. Like anything anybody takes, your body builds up a tolerance for the medicine. The same is possible for CBD tincture. So, after a while you are going to have to change your dosage for the same effect

CBD Tincture

There are several ways to handle your medical condition, however, sometimes you have to try a herbal way in order to get the relief that you desire. CBD tincture can give you that by you just putting a few drops under your tongue. Sometimes it is hard to explain to people why you go the route that you did with but in the end if it helps you with your pain, then that is all that matters. Some people do not like putting all the pills and several different kinds just to feel the way they should when they could use one thing to treat everything. While CBD tincture is still being researched and things are being learned about it, it is still being able to help people at the same time.