Modern Weight Loss Hypnotherapy: A Great Alternative


Modern hypnotherapies are broad in scope and range from breaking unhealthy habits, relieving stress, and smoking cessation. In the majority of treatments hypnotherapy is considered as a complimentary or adjunct addition to a more mainstream procedure. This designation is starting to change.


Weight loss programs, apps, diets etc., come in many forms and hypnotherapy is a common avenue for those who need to shed some pounds. There are plenty of legitimate companies offering safe ways to help a person lose weight. There are also just as many scams and swindles as legitimate companies. When considering a weight loss diet plan or alternative approach, do thorough research to determine the validity of the method. Effective hypnotherapy weight loss is difficult to prove and just as difficult to find valid companies.


One of your first steps should be the internet and find out if the company or individual you are dealing with has any type of accreditations. The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is a logical first step. Founded in 1957, ASCH members must be licensed healthcare workers with graduate degrees. Plenty of hypnotherapy associations exist, several of them offering memberships with only an interest as a pre-requisite.


Do not consider weight loss, via hypnosis, as a last resort. Research is scarce about hypnosis as a mechanism to lose weight however, by all accounts the process works surprisingly well. Studies in the early 1990s found women who underwent hypnosis, lost twice as much weight as those who dieted with no hypnosis.


Current studies and articles in the United States are showing men and women improving their eating habits, body image and losing weight. British research, which is more extensive than the US, is finding hypnosis helps to regulate body peptides and thereby controls how hungry you feel. By the time a weight loss candidate reaches a professional hypnotherapist, they have tried every diet available. The only aspect missing is willpower. With all the options available: Should you try hypnotherapy?


Weight loss hypnosis is not a magic wand and you instantly lose twenty pounds. Commitment to a weight loss hypnotherapy program is just as important as a commitment to a long-term diet plan. There are plenty of success stories documenting obese individuals losing half their body weight. Others have committed to losing only twenty or fewer pounds. There is also documentation on plenty of failure as well.


The key to hypnotherapy for weight loss is re-programing the mind to think of food in the right way. Individuals that have little problems with food usually make good decisions for their body type. The inner bell that says, stop eating, goes off and food is no longer a concern. Professional hypnotherapists look to re-work the mind, so you start making good choices when it comes to the things you eat. That inner voice is changed to inner wisdom and the weight starts to come off slowly, just like a good diet.


Modern weight loss hypnosis does not use swaying crystals or “you’re getting sleepy.” The professional, treats your session as they would any other clinical visit. Hypnotic suggestions are brought out, only after the doctor has determined a basic need.