Choosing a therapist – What it takes to end up with the right choice?


Although it is easy enough to find out a counselor yet it is tough to find which one is the best fit for you. With the increase in mental health issues, there is also a simultaneous rise in the number of counselors, both offline and online. It is not that all online counselors are worth taking help of as there are also several shady counselors who are not professionals in offering help.

Before choosing a therapist, whether online or offline, you have to ask few questions and mark their answers. The rest of the article will tell you about the list of questions that you should ask your counselor before finalizing him.

  • How does it exactly feel to sit along with the therapist?

When you sit in front of the therapist, do you feel comfortable and safe? Is it easy for you to speak about your mental issues? Is the person sitting on the other side humble or is he easy to relate to or emotionally involved with you? If the answer to all these questions is ‘Yes’, he seems to be a good fit for you. Don’t avoid undergoing therapy just because you don’t like the counselor. Look for another one.

  • What is his basic approach and philosophy towards helping people?

Does your online counselor approach others in an optimistic and compassionate manner? Does he believe that all humans are born in as lovable in mature? Click here to know more on how ideal e-counselors should be and what you should expect from the online counseling therapy.

  • Do you find him seeking advice from peers and colleagues?

Any counselor who is wise enough will be in regular touch with other consultants and with other peers. In fact, this is a vital professional activity that people should watch out for. If he consults with his peers, he will gain more experience with reviewing cases and discovering the blind spots of the patients. Hence, this is a necessary reality check which you should take into account before choosing.

  • Is your counselor open to feedback and does he accepts mistakes?

If you want to work with a healthy counselor, you should check whether or not he is open to getting feedback from his patients. When the patient is not satisfied with something, he should be able to inform that to the counselor and the counselor should be able to accept his own mistakes. Worthy and reliable therapists will look forward to change their behavior or approach.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to finding a therapist, you should carefully watch out for the above mentioned factors. Making the right choice will help you gain better insights on the treatment.