7 Awesome tracks to get you pumped for work, even on a Monday Morning.

A beautiful Sunday morning provides the best possible wind down to a busy week. Waking up past 11am to a spread of croissants, jams and coffee for breakfast almost makes up for the week of work that has just been endured. However as the afternoon rolls by, a dark presence looms, watching from the corner. It takes joy in the fact that you’re delighting in your Sunday, knowing that the dreaded work week is merely hours away. It is, of course, Monday morning.

On a Monday morning, a unanimous displeasure can be felt from the moment you wake through to your crammed train ride, all the way up until you’re sitting behind your desk. In spite of this routine I found myself involved in each week, I had decided that if I were to hype myself up enough, maybe Monday wouldn’t seem so bad. I investigated the market of in-ear noise cancelling headphones and was surprised with the choice I was offered. Check out the range of in-ear noise cancelling headphones from Harvey Norman. I knew that as long as I was armed with headphones stuck firmly in my ears, I could listen to these seven tunes that threw me into Monday with the excitement I needed.

Over my years, I’ve found that waking up gently invites trouble. Hitting snooze after being slightly stirred by my tranquil alarm tone is continually repeated until I’m too late to even bother rushing. That’s why I’ve opted for a more upbeat tune to welcome me to my Monday morning, ‘Wake Me Up by Avicii. While some may argue it is a little intense, it opens up gently enough before climaxing to a great beat which forces you out of bed. Follow it on with ‘Rather Be’ by Clean Bandit which delivers a zesty melody to carry you through your morning routine with its funky techno beat, gearing you up for a day of success.

By the time I’ve rushed out the door, I feel as though I have used all of my energy reserves purely just to get ready. This leads me to my next song, ‘Can’t Hold Us’ by Macklemore. Its full effect is most noticeable through Sennheiser In-Ear Headphones. Models like the Momentum Headphones deplete background noise while harbouring a frequency response of up to 22,000 Hz. This is also recognisable in St Lucia’s song ‘Elevate’ with an ethereal sound that lends positivity and drive which is certain to build you up for the beginning of the work week.

Being quite literal with this next song, Sam Smith’s ‘Money on My Mind’ reminds me that I do in fact have to go to work in order to afford the unnecessary luxuries I refuse to give up. Brands like Beats harness dual-chamber acoustics which means it can handle various genres and still deliver great natural tonality.

If you find yourself walking to work, ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC serves as a great partner in crime to get you into a rhythm. Sport headphones such as the JBL Reflect Contour Wireless set gives you an IPX5-rating means you can sweat through your walk to work without damaging them and an 8 hour battery life will have you covered from your way to and from the office. Finally before bracing the office doors, ‘Viva La Vida’ by Coldplay gives you the last reminder of your weekend before being transported into the business world for yet another week.

As another Monday begins, it’s safe to say the countdown for the weekend starts at the exact same time. Nonetheless, as long as you have a quality pair of headphones and start your day with these seven awesome tracks to get you pumped for work, Monday mornings don’t seem as dreadful anymore.