The Secret World of Safe Air Travel 

Sometimes you look at an airplane and simply marvel at how it possibly gets off the ground. They are engineering wonders but most people will be surprised by the sheer amount of design and detail that goes into keeping everyone safe.

Here we will delve into the secret world of safe air travel and the factors that keep you safe without you ever really realizing it. Some of these are hidden to give you peace of mind while others are simply the genius way that the plane has been made.

The Air Marshal

The air marshal is going to be the most intriguing parts of a flight as they try to remain as anonymous as possible and very little information about them is released. They are not placed on all flights and generally sit on those flights that are the highest risk.

An air marshal won’t intervene with a disruptive passenger unless the cabin crew is unable to handle it. They are there for emergencies and will only ever fire their weapon in a worst-case scenario. Hopefully you won’t ever find out if an air marshal is on your flight.

The Nuts And Bolts Of It

Every component that goes into an aircraft has to be made with the highest level of design and construction. It has to deal with a lot of stress but also a high level of vibrations, and therefore using locking nuts and metal that won’t easily succumb to metal fatigue is vital.

In order to ensure this level of quality, getting high-quality fasteners from a reputable hardware distributor such as BACO Enterprises is important. Using the best companies will ensure the integrity of the aircraft and keep it in the air.

The Chemical Soup

We need oxygen to breathe, but fire does as well. Fire and pressurized oxygen would make for an explosive combination if there was an accident. Therefore having a tank above everyone’s head on an airplane is not going to be feasible.

So how then do oxygen masks work? Once they have been activated, a mixture of different chemicals all work together in order to produce a reaction that produces oxygen. It’s an ingenious way to keep everyone safe.

The Hidden Helpers

Having an ax or a fire extinguisher readily available to passengers probably isn’t going to be the best idea. These items of this sort need to be hidden in order to ensure that they are only ever used by the crew on board the plane.

The crew used to have access to an ax in the cockpit but this has been mostly replaced by a crowbar. This is obviously for emergency situations but it’s important that these tools are never allowed to get into the wrong hands.

The Safest Form Of Travel

It’s the high quality of construction and the ingenious solutions onboard that help make being in an aircraft the safest form of travel. While it still might be the most feared, it’s safety factors like these that are going to keep you safe while in the air.