Between Running and Plank, Which is the Most Burning Calories?

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Exercise cannot be┬áseparated in an effort to lose weight. The goal is especially if you don’t get the ideal body weight. So where do you exercise more often, plank, or run? Between the two, which one burns the most calories in the body? Here’s the explanation.

How many calories are burned while running?

Based on calculations from the WebMD health site, you who weigh 60 kilograms (kg) can burn as much as 80 kcal when you run in 10 minutes. If you run in 30 minutes, you have successfully burned calories of 240 kcal.

According to Dr. Daniel V. Vigil, a Professor of Health Sciences from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA said that when you run as far as 1.6 kilometers (km), the calories you succeed in burning are 100 calories. However, this depends on each person’s weight.

According to the table compiled by The American Council on Exercise, people who weigh around 60-63 kg can burn calories up to 13.2 kcal per minute while running. So when you run for ten minutes, you can burn as much as 132 kcal of calories. Within 30 minutes, the calories burned are 396 kcal.

Still according to Dr. Vigil in Healthline, if you want to burn 400 kcal in one hour, you can run 6.4 km. This is with the note that you can travel a distance of 1.6 km in 15 minutes.

If you want to burn 400 kcal in just 30 minutes, you need to run 6.4 km in 7 minutes 30 seconds. So your running speed doesn’t affect the calories you burn, even though you need a longer time.

Can plank also burn calories as much as running?

As reported by Health, plank can burn your body’s calories by 12 kcal per round. The round in question is when you do a plank motion such as standing with your feet hip-width apart, bend your body until both palms touch the floor. Without moving the legs, push both hands forward using abdominal muscles. Continue to extend both hands forward until they stretch into a long plank position.

After that, drag your hands back (like holding your feet) toward your toes until you return to the starting position, while keeping your abdominal muscles tight. If you can do it up to 10 times, that means you have burned 120 kcal.

Based on the calculation of a sports calculator from Myfitnesspal, you who weigh 60 kg can burn as much as 30 kcal when you do plank hold.

So, which one is better?

Running is indeed more calories than plank burning in the same time period. Sports that burn the most calories are more effective for those of you who want to lose weight. However, running or plank has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Basically running to train the heart and lung resistance in using oxygen. While the plank is focused on exercising muscle strength. However, it is not impossible that both can exercise heart and lung fitness and muscle strength at the same time with the right combination of movements.

You also have to be consistent and exercise regularly if you want to lose weight fast. So, you can’t choose the type of exercise based on how many calories you can burn. If you run, it burns more calories, but you don’t have time to run outside the house and don’t have a treadmill, it’s better to just plank it at home.