Benefits to Medically Necessary Cosmetic Surgery

Do you have a child that you are currently caring for that is facing some type of birth defect? According to, there are about 150,000 infants born with a birth defect every year. There are many kinds of birth defects that affect children cosmetically and or medically. Doctors are not exactly sure why babies face birth defects. There are many different factors that can cause birth defects, for example, the babies exposure to chemicals, viruses, genetic issues or possibly a combination of all of these issues. The important thing here, is to realize how much it can affect the child physically and or emotionally. Parents should not be discouraged in having their child receive medically necessary cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery in many cases is not just a surgery repair for appearance, but it may be a medically necessary surgery for your child’s overall well-being.

According to, there are over 4,000 different kinds of birth defects that children are born with that range from minor ones that need no treatment at all and serious ones that cause a medical disability and or surgical treatment is then required. One birth defect that many young infants face is called hypospadias. This birth defect occurs when the urinary opening is affected and is placed below the normal position, which is the tip of the penis. Many doctors may see this birth defect as purely cosmetic, but many doctors do believe that this disables young boys due to not being able to function normally. Young boys are affected by this birth defect by not being able to properly toilet train. In addition, hypospadias can affect their adulthood with sexual activity by not being able to penetrate normally due to the penis being bent downwards.

It is important that as a parent you make the right decision for your child. Many parents opt for surgery to correct their children’s birth defects so that they do not face the misery and suffering of dealing with their birth defects in the long run. For example, in relation to the hypospadias birth defect, there is now an effective surgery that is done to repair this issue. The surgery that is performed is called the TIP Repair, which is when surgery is used to straighten an unnatural curvature of the penis, return the urinary opening to its normal place and or reconstructing the foreskin. This surgery is very important for parents to consider to be able to give their child a better life mentally and physically. There are specialists who do wonders performing this surgery for young infant boys. Take the time to do more research on this procedure by searching: hypospadias repair. From here, you can find more information on doctors that perform these types of procedures and the advantages of the surgery.

Overall, surgery is never easy for anyone to endure. But, when it comes to the overall wellbeing for your child, it is to consider what is best for your child and not yourself. Your child is the one who is going to grow up and must deal with their birth defect, not you. No parent is comfortable with the idea of their child having surgery, but if the surgery is going to give them a better life and a healthier life, any surgery, even cosmetic surgery, may be a medically necessary surgery