How Will You Age?

A group of plastic surgeons from the Loma Linda University Medical Center in California scanned the faces of mothers and daughters using computer modelling and 3D cameras. The research team found that mothers and daughters who look similar also age in a strikingly similar pattern. They found the daughters’ faces were beginning to sag, wrinkle, thin and lose elasticity around the eyes in the same patterns as their mothers’ faces. This similarity particularly increased after the daughters reached the age of 30.

The findings may be especially helpful for women in their mid-30s to early 50s, which is the ideal window for using minimally invasive techniques to maintain a younger looking appearance.

Recognising how your mother’s face changed over the years could help guide a cosmetic surgeon in the appropriate procedures to address similar patterns of sagging skin or volume loss. For example, doctors would be able to pinpoint the …

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Diagnosing Food Allergens in Children

Peanuts are part of the first eight allergens that, globally, cause 90{bef991cffa1c1232c1204357b87491a9f90c2ef10677c28f0af1649390a80f26} of all food allergies. Researchers have documented nearly 170 different allergenic foods, but other than peanuts, the seven most common are: milk (dairy products), eggs, fish with fins, crustaceans, nuts, wheat and soy. However, peanut allergies tend to be the most severe. From a medical point of view, peanut allergies can be treated like any other food, in terms of symptoms, treatments and diagnostic tests.

Food allergy is one of the most common, especially among children under 6 years of age. That’s why when it comes to allergy testing naperville il professionals say kids should be tested early. The increase in the prevalence of food allergy, the number of foods involved, and the severity of the reactions, have made increasingly frequent visits to the emergency room, and doctors say parents must know what to look for.


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