Understanding The Extremely Sensitive Man

Over twenty-five years in the past, I experienced just over a yr of homelessness. During that period of time I was badly injured, each bodily and emotionally. I have Asperger’s Syndrome, a kind of excessive-functioning autism, a probable contributing issue to my homelessness in my youth, and a barrier to escaping it.

What a fantastic lens! I commend you for being so open about sharing your story. I know it will need to have been troublesome. Hopefully, you have helped others perceive that folks that have nowhere to stay are living, feeling human beings which are down in their luck. It could happen to anyone. In my line of labor, I have seen good, decent individuals develop into homeless – along with their children. It is so very unhappy.

Effectively, I simply felt hopeless and depressed but failed to admit to each conditions. Kept getting frustrated and stated I can’t …

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