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Quick SEO Tips for Addiction Bloggers on a Budget

You can channel your energy in various ways when recovering from substance abuse. Yoga, mountain climbing, exercise and cooking are some of the ways you can channel your energy. You can consider blogging if those are not the type of activities you are in to. One benefit of writing is that it is therapeutic and it helps give hope to other people going through the same journey. If you want to get traffic to your site then the following quick SEO tips can help you attract visitors to your site.

By using the right keywords, you can attract visitors to your site. To learn about specific topics, people use specific words to search for them and these words are commonly referred to as keywords. Using the right keywords in your content will definitely derive traffic to your site. Consider using keywords such as drug abuse, drug abuse addiction treatment and drug alcohol treatment among others. What you need to remember about keywords is that they change constantly and you may need to keep up with the new once.

How you phrase your words goes a long way in helping you drive traffic to your site. Phrases need to be creatively put together for your keywords to make sense. You can pull the right audience to your site when you link your words correctly.

if you want to boost your ranking, consider cross posting content to your social media. Using avenues like Facebook is free and it helps you to reach out to people struggling with the same addiction that you are struggling with. You will be reaching the right crowd and sharing your content without paying.

Apart from posting regularly, updating your site may be something you need to do to get traffic to your site.

You are able to increase traffic to your site when you make your site user friendly, change fonts and use aesthetic colors. Revamping your site has a major impact in boosting your ranking.

When you adjust your metadata, you can attract visitors to your site. Metadata are sets of data that help to give information to other data. URL, the name of an image and file name are examples of metadata. Although it may seem technical, when you go to your menu you can easily adjust such information. Platforms that are involved in blogging like WordPress are already using this technique and can make it easy for you.

Signing up for free report cards will help you to know how you rank compared to other bloggers. You will also find out more about your statistics to look for areas of improvement.