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You can assist provide refugee aid and urgent medical care by donating funds to support GHESKIO medical clinic in Haiti. Weill Cornell Medical School (WCMC) will receive your donation and ensure that a hundred% of all funds will go to GHESKIO. WCMC is a 501(c)(3) organization, therefore your donation is tax deductible.

Much, though not all of this, was present before the break with obedience following the road blockade, the racialized assaults from Indian police on the command of the councilor, and the arrests. However wrestle modifications every thing. There at the moment are vastly extra people engaged on these projects and they are being taken forward with far more seriousness. Earlier than the break with obedience, the crèche was run in a derelict room below the hall. That room now seems as bright and protected as any crèche in a rich suburb.

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In one other casual settlement in Milnerton a whole lot of shacks had been being serviced by a few chemical flush toilets. In a discussion about this explicit community’s wants bathrooms had been clearly excessive on the agenda however as vital to the residents was the problems they had with crime. For them it was just as important to get a stronger police presence in their settlement, because it was to gain entry to better rest room services.

Single payer healthcare sounds alright to me too so long as the profit motive is eliminated. The idea of profit from ache” sickens me (perhaps that was their intent!). I believe pharmaceutical companies and their improvements can nonetheless be stored separate from any nationalised system of hospitals. They’re another problem that I could rant on about ceaselessly although!