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Globalization has been made possible by higher communication technology, quicker transport networks and global banking and buying and selling systems. Although this world connectivity has allowed for simpler and freer world trade, shared media, inside agreements and organisation, international initiatives and different benefits it has also facilitated the movement of people, drugs and money that has allowed global crime to thrive. Similarly globalization has, however in a roundabout way, helped well being and financial growth inequality improve. As we watch the emptying of time and area these unfavourable international tendencies become visible (Giddens, 1991). These impacts are the dark aspect to globalization.

With the recent monsoon got here the storms,and with them tidal surges that ate into the coast and destroyed the library and 30 or so houses. The sums of Jakarta is an unlimited labyrinth of homes and slim walkways, and has seven neighborhoods and few people know how massive it is. One neighborhood has eighty homes and 175 households in an area less than 5,000 square meters. The people reside so near water that they are subjected to common flooding,with poorly constructed drainage system and no boundaries from the shoreline.

McDonald’s is retaining at the forefront of technology across the globe. For instance, In Brazil McDonald’s is currently finding out the set up of Internet access terminals in some outlets in addition to enabling clients to order online. This will create a extra environment friendly process that can cut back the amount of lag time between a customer’s orders and pick up of the order.

My Response: The chart is appropriate; it displaying the after profits made by these corporations after taxes had been paid. It is interesting that you just pick Aetna because they were the only insurance company that showed a lower in income between 2008 and 2009. Their monetary assertion could be found at ?c=110617&p… The earnings for the insurance coverage corporations have been within the billions of after tax dollars.

Extra trash: The more individuals the more trash. The query of where to dump trash looms over society. We run out of places to out it. Burning is hazardous to the air high quality, in addition to land fills. Ocean dumping will only increase as humans must do away with their waste. This could end result within the deadly destruction of marine life and loss of biodiversity.