Information Found in the Makobi Scribe Blog

The focus of personal blogs, or those operated by a small core of contributors, all tend to have a slant that stems from interests, locations, or perspectives. The Makobi Scribe blog, for example, originates from the State of Florida. While articles on technology, travel, crafts, and home improvement ideas appeal to a broad audience, some topics will have a southern slant to them. Articles on recipes, fashion, health, and beauty will tend to focus on local foods and clothing for the beach and warmer weather. Another focus is ways to combat signs of aging that are exacerbated by spending many hours in the sun.

Protecting skin from the harmful rays of the sun, reviving tired and dull skin, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, are topics that are all covered on the blog. Local advertisers also utilize the blog to let users know what specials, products, or services can help keep skin looking young and healthy. Botox and injected fillers, for example, are popular treatments to reduce signs of aging. Consultations with professionals are offered to determine which treatment will suit individual situations, circumstances, and goals.

Botox should be administered by a certified professional, preferably a doctor, to ensure maximum benefits and desired outcomes. The injection is different from dermal fillers because it actually stops facial muscles from contracting. Fillers plump out lines with collagen or other substances. Placement of injections is crucial to results. A doctor, opposed to a person who provides injections at a house party, can assess the muscle tone of the face, the exact size and location of the fat pad of the muscle, and the current condition of the skin. That expertise has a direct effect on the number of treatments that will be needed for a specific area.

It also dictates the extent of success, and the duration of the treatment, which can last up to four months when injected by an experienced doctor. Other non-invasive treatments for younger looking skin include laser skin re-surfacing, chemical peels, and advanced facials. More invasive procedures and surgeries available are eyelid surgery, brow lifts, and neck and face lifts. Protecting the skin with moisturizers and sunscreen can also reduce signs of age.