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This very simple recipe is for making chilly-course of coconut oil cleaning soap. It makes a 3-pound batch of gorgeous gift-quality soap that can produce ten to twelve bars, relying on how thick you determine to slice them.

What a wonderful information for dog care, Jaye! As you say, one have to be cautious about one’s own food sources and one’s pets deserve no much less concern. Not having had canine, I hope you will not thoughts if I share just a little of my experience with cats. Vinegar which can be made by the direct fermentation process using 100% pomegranate fruit would be the greatest, as an alternative of the infused version.

A pelleted, timothy-based food with an unlucky low Vitamin C content. Whereas there are not any treats blended in, my worry is the preservative ethoxyquin, one of the vital debated preservatives used in dog foods. This can be a really fascinating Hub a couple of process which I didn’t know a lot. I like some of the finished soaps. Really lovely. Voted up. Right here we offer more element on frequent well being situations together with easy eating regimen and life-style guidelines that can assist you handle your well being.

Hello Jaye, I simply got here to reread this text. I forgot to bookmark it earlier than, however have now. BTW: My schnauzer, Baby, was afraid of thunder and loud noises I bought her a Thundershirt, and it makes her calm. ( I wrote a Hub about that). Thanks very much, renegadetory. It is so good to fulfill you. Congratulations on your win, too – I’m looking forward to reading your hub!

I’ve been using 35% food grade in distilled water – 5 drops per gallon for the previous yr. I’m questioning if another person has been using it that long and is it time to alter to Kagan Water. My boys THANK you!! Woof!! (my large courageous Cocker is hiding and trembling underneath my toes because someone is blowing off fireworks somewhere!!! LOL!!! he is such a baby! ) UP ++ your child is adorable.