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Six Reasons Dental Implants are Preferred to Other Treatments When you want to restore missing or damaged teeth, dental implants are probably your best choice. Once your decayed/damaged teeth have been removed, dental implants are fused into the jawbone to create a strong base for the replacement teeth. There are quite a few reasons why you’ll want to pick dental implants over other treatments in cosmetic dentistry. Let’s take a look below: Healthy & natural-looking
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The most outstanding advantage of dental implant treatment is that you get to transform your smile with a set of natural-looking, healthy teeth. A dental implant is strong and firm, and the replacement tooth looks and functions like a normal tooth. Other treatment options may negatively impact on the health of your other teeth, so your Denver prosthodontist will probably advise against them.
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Long-term fix Consider dental implants as a long-term fix, since they’re built to last and won’t need much maintenance work. Dental bridges, in comparison, need replacement every 5 – 7 years, as well as good care. As for dental implants, they can last a lifetime if well-placed and cared for. Smile without worries There’s no more need to shy away from public appearances. When you smile, you won’t have to hide your face in embarrassment anymore, because dental implants may even look better than your old natural teeth. And you can always join in the fun without worrying about some missing tooth. This isn’t the case with tooth supported replacements or dentures–you can’t always be sure that they’ll stay in place. Protecting healthy bone When you have some empty spaces in your gums, some health issues could arise, such as the weakening of your jawbone. The main function of the jawbone is to support the teeth, and when it’s not serving this purpose, it deteriorates and becomes less firm. Dental implants are the best solution to stimulate your natural bone and thus prevent bone loss. It’s therefore very important that you see a prosthodontist as soon as you’ve lost a tooth. Teeth stay in the mouth Unlike the case with dentures, where teeth might slip out at any time, your teeth stay where they belong: in the mouth. When you eat, laugh, smile, cough, or talk, you may be force to reposition your dentures. Implants are on the other hand fixed in place and naturally fuse into the jawbone. You will brush and care for your new teeth in the exact same way you did for the old teeth. In essence, dental implants will have no negative impact on your everyday life. Implants are more predictable Dental implant treatment has a great track record in terms of successful results and reliability when compared to other teeth restoration methods. Simply put, dental implants are the best treatment for repairing or replacing damaged or missing teeth.